1, 2, 3 – easy

I had three Tinies all day today: my 1 yr. old, my friends’ 2 yr. old, and my 3 yr. old. My friend was desirous of childcare because she is pregnant and ready (mentally, anyway) to have this baby – definitely needs time to nap and nest, whatnot. Picking up her child, I was looking at her body (gives new meanting to the word “gravid”) and thinking of what a strange mental place she is occupying. I remember it: body heavy with child; nerves keyed, sluggish yet sleepless; cranky – it’s hard to understand unless you’ve been there, but there is a part of you that truly believes you are in some Twilight Zone where you will never have this child. It’s what has to happen, I suppose, for a woman to be ready to face the trials of labor.

Another curiosity – today went perfect. Even with an extra kid and the normal course of errands – and pouring down rain. Nothing happened I couldn’t take care of easily; kids had a great time; got everyone napping at the same time. Even Dog took a break from naughtiness (he feels badly about tearing up my strawberries, I can tell). So my question is, why is it my days can be blissful or completely hair-pulling?

For dinner – making a little snowpea soup and asian cabbage salad for dinner.

np – The White Stripes’ Elephant

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