birthday party 3.0

Things went off well for the little girl yesterday. We had a lot of guests, a lovely cake, and a few out-of-town visitors as well. Most of our guests knew of and respected our “no gift needed” policy, but some friends brought her a few great books and miscellaneous gifts. My parents and brother were here half the day and very helpful in running after kids, food prep, and pizza-stealing. Unfortuately the day really wore Jodi and I out, so on our last night together we were too tired to watch a movie or hang out. As soon as the kids were in bed she and I took to the sheets ourselves.

Sophie’s favorite book these days is a Richard Scarry compilation. It’s very sweet. She woke up in the middle of the night and asked if I would read to her about Couscous, the Algerian Detective.

Ralph is feeding the kids, then it’s time for nap. We are out of coffee! My current cup was made with half the necessary grounds. Lame.

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