I’m still geeking out about it!

It is so frickin’ unfair that by the time we get the kids to bed, get the house cleaned up, and attend to whatever personal business we need to (meaning email, phone calls, IMing, blogging, sitting down with a book, bathroom time, etc.) my husband and I are about out of time. We have to choose between catching up on our day, getting the sleep we need, R&R together, or – uh – “intimate time”. Our late evening choices also need to be sandwiched between what I call the administrative details of the house – who’s going to pay what bill, run what errand, buy which groceries, take the kids when and where. If we choose to do anything at all besides sleep, life is that much harder when The Boy wakes up anywhere from one to five times during the night.

OK, enough bitching. I bred ’em, didn’t I? And I love ’em. And hey, I’m slowly training my 3-y.o. how to babysit my 1-y.o. With much success, I might add.

On an entirely unrelated note – I am *so* irritated I like something that just came out with props in Wired. Lame. Lame!

np – Iron & Wine’s “Jezebel”

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