random smattering of Wednesday night drudgery

I keep thinking I’m not some filthy New Agey Port Townsend heathen hippie but my choices bely my judgments. Next thing I know I’m home birthin’, compostin’, and out come the cloth menstrual pads (a year after my son is born, I am fertile again. Yay?). How lame. I get accused of being too redneck by the locals, and too granola by my hometown and college crowd. Good thing I don’t really give a damn what they think, KWIM?

As if to solidify the Happy Homemaker stuff, I am currently working on a new Tutorials section of blog… I have a frou frou girlie toddler item I’m sewing on currently – the third rendition of a baby bunting w/ears & tail. In this case, a patchwork lamb for a little girl named Mary (in unison: awwww!). Seriously, it’s not as barfy as it sounds. A bit matchy-matchy for my taste (I didn’t pick the fabric, my client did). I was toying with the idea of sewing something for Sophie more along my lines (I’m thinking a lime green corduroy cat) but my husband nixed it. Sophie is always asking me to sew her a ninja costume. Anyone know where I can get a pattern, size 3T? I thought not.

I’ve got ONE beer for the evening (Red Hook ESB I love you!) and I’m not letting my lips touch it until I’m done blogging. Where is that Homer Simpson beer opener my father got me for Christmas all those years ago?

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