ways to say "I Love You"

When you’re courting as poor college students your beau buys you flowers and a dinner out. Later in life, kids out of the house, 20th anniversary: plane tickets for a Euro trip.

When you’re raising young children together, he fashions a toilet-snake out of a wire hanger and somehow fishes out the diaper liner you accidentally flushed. My hero!

Yeah, the Husband fixed the downstairs commode yesterday – which has turned out invaluable, because the upstairs one has problems as of this morning. Something wrong with the arm in the tank. I can’t get to it because I have two (or more) kids hanging off me at all times. Both chilluns extremely clingy today.

In other news: making dinner for a family with a new baby; yay! it’s the weekend; parents coming up for a day trip tomorrow; Easter with the family

np – Erykah Badu’s “Booty”

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