will blogging ruin – or save – my marriage?

Right now I’m downstairs type-typing away as my husband bathes our oldest child. Any minute he’s going to thunder down here and glare. Will he be mad? Because I know he’s been reading my blog while at work, and enjoying it.

What’s new? Well, my three-year-old is an obsessive singer and right now her top hit is the Starlight Vocal Band’s “Afternoon Delight” (I’m repressing a shudder as I write this). What can I say, it somehow happened while listening to the Starsky & Hutch soundtrack. And speaking of music, today I discovered several of my Pedro the Lion tracks are corrupt on my iPod. Very, very sad.

In other news yesterday’s Top Secret mission was a success. I downloaded the whole Spiderland album by Slint for Ralph. He seemed to like it. Maybe it makes up for him missing the Linux User’s group meeting tonight?

I’m actually posting to my recipe page these days. Check out my cabbage rolls. Really good.

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