Dinner tonight:

Turkey meatballs. Foil-baked asparagus. Baked potatoes.

Have people ever wondered what it means for a woman whose major accomplishment of the day is thinking up, buying for, preparing, and serving dinner to her family (then cleaning it up and starting all over the next day)? And who repeats it daily without fail? And further – is it sick and wrong that said woman would actually enjoy this?

I’m sure all you assholes without families think my life is mundane and pointless. But let me tell you, two snuggly healthy kids is like having kittens or an aibo but even more bonus. And what have you got to show for in your life? You know, I stand here now and I look at the two of us, and I ask one simple question: Who is the rich man? You, with your fifty-eight houses, your private island in the Bahamas, your multi-billion pound business empire; or me, with… with… with what, I’ve got.

It’s you isn’t it? Yes it’s all very clear to me now. You — richer and happier.

In other news – my brother is denying it, but he taught Sophie some threatening claw-like gesture while she hung out with them last weekend. Freak!

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