I went looking / For my darling…

Mon dieu. I’d forgotten. Malls are Hell.

I think I’m used to a more rural lifestyle. Tinies and Husband did well but I – with only a limited shopping list – could feel myself unravelling quickly. The traffic, the noice, all the *stuff* – the hordes of pinch-faced mutants blinging their way through acres of clearance racks. After only an hour of being there I felt shaky and dissociated. Ate horrible, horrible food. Watched as two Victoria Secret clerks sniped at one another behind brittle, artificial smiles. Heard woman abusing her kid in the bathroom at Toys ‘R’ Us. For a change I started actively looking for people who were enjoying themselves, with limited success.

Purchases: coffees for Husband and I, carseat, webcam, jacket, li’l girl panties, big girl panties, rosemary healing lip balm, gerber daisies, food at sbarro and cinnabon. Regrets: sbarro, Cinnabon.

Husband is heading off for a night of chips, dips and dorks. Well – not really. About six (?) Daddies getting together for unchaperoned event including food and beer and lots of PS2. They are a cute bunch, too. They all deserve a night out for sure. Husband invited me along but I knew it would be a pathetic cry for help on my part. Plus, I am just too rowdy for those men to handle. Instead I made a crockpot with a double-helping of Greek meatballs for Husband to take along, with my love.

Attempted a facelift for blog. Lame, lame, lame. Archive problems and my FTP client is sucking right now.

Depressed. np – Belle & Sebastian. Makes me feel better.

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