It’s a girl!

… and Fucken A’, I am exhausted.

No, not me. I didn’t have no baby. I’m all done a-birthin’ in my sweet life. But about an hour ago we got back from a long, exhausting, and wonderful birth in Seattle (first headed up and out about 3:30 AM Thursday morning). Congratulations to mom and dad!

Rosemary Scarlette
Born April 15th (today!) 1:48 AM via Cesarean at Family Beginnings Birth Center at Group Health in Seattle
9 lb. 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long

Abbi was attended by fabulous midwives and staff at the FBU as well as good friends Rebecca, Amber, and myself. She’ll be there until Sunday recovering.

AND… of course… there was multiple instances of drama and horrid flightiness on my part… which I’ve decided to document (when I’ve recovered some sleep) and share with Abbi on Rosemary’s 1st birthday…

For now: hot shower, change of clothes, homecooked dinner. Tonight my dear gel Sophie returns from her sojurn to my parents’!

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