objects of attraction

People in this household think they can get away with cuddling, snuggling, all that, and no one will notice nor protest. However, I roam the house in the middle of the night taking incriminating photos:

last night.

Of course, not all cuddling happens in the wee hours. Had an extry kiddo again all day and just look what occurs:

true love.

Tonight was date night for Husband and I. Yah! As a bonus – at the end of our evening we finally got a viewing of a friend’s stalking object. He was cute-ish and appeared harmless but not quite stalk-worthy in my book – too friendly and easygoing. We drove past him, then circled around the block to get a second look (*much* to Husband’s discomfort). It seems like it might be cool if the guy just started sensing a general heightened interest in his activities, all over town.

Ahh… memories. I stalked a lot, at my friend’s age (a tender 17). It was funsies but I think the men involved, when they started getting a whiff of what was going on, felt slightly threatened. It’s nice to be female, I guess – you aren’t going to end up in jail over it. I no longer stalk, but I currently “sort of keep tabs” on a few people, including a college ex-buddy I no longer care for and our local hero, The Savage.

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