The Great Meatball Experiment, et al

Husband came home an hour late last night at 1 AM. I tried to stay up but failed. This morning I queried on the success of my meatballs for the men (“the secret ingredient is love”). From what he tells me I picture a group of ravenous jackals – everyone scarfing them with no niceties such as asking about the last serving, and no one thought to clean out crockpot before sending it sloshing home. Women are brought up so differently than men. Not necessarily better or worse; different.

Busy today. Kids up, breakfast, Mama up & showered: head to our Sunday breakfast group. Time seems short; oh, today was the clock change. Damn. Head to church & arrive 10 minutes late. The Boy falls asleep on Husband, The Girl behaves herself relatively well. Longer service (communion). Running late. Fifteen minutes between church dismissal and birthday party for AE – Husband and I park the car at home, turn on iPod kid’s playlist, and bolt inside to finish cake decorating and card-signing. Short stay at party; grocery shopping; 15 minutes at home to scarf lunch and throw kids down for naps. Husband heads to Soup Kitchen to serve. 3:30 and my first “break” altho’ piles of housework face me.

Sermon was great today. Doubting Thomas. Guest pastor who is a very charismatic speaker.

Time to roll up sleeves and clean house. Take exactly 45 seconds to appreciate the peace in my childrens’ bedroom as they nap with nightlight and kitty accompanying them.

np – still on Belle & Sebastian kick – “The Chalet Lines”. Saddest song ever?

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