you can get the girl out of Grays Harbor, but…

One of those evenings that starts out pleasant and ends up fabulous. Also, you’re drunk.

Tonight marked the last night of the (best) local sushi restaurant. Left The Girl with Michelle while The Boy and The Husband went to a work after-hours party, and I – freedom! Arrived and found a very crowded scene with my small table of friends (three dykes and a housemate) waiting for me. We also had a couple join us impromtu – an ex-pro footballer-cum-carpenter-cum-bodyworker and his wife (quiet voiced little thing who I couldn’t hear much from because of noisy blabbing – mostly mine). A surprise halfway through the evening – all our food was free! And the proprieter was sending all these exquisite dishes around to sample. Everyone got some of everything. It was really a treat.

After the multi-course loveliness the festive spirit continued – a couple of the gals and I moved on to another pub for a martini and a few pints of beer. After about at hour it was LoRo and I sharing much love. And thank you dear lady for the extra round – just when I needed it least! 9:30 and we old ladies are ready to go home and I am not feeling safe to drive. Leave car downtown; call husband; our night in shining armor. Giggle, giggle, giggle. He is a saint to take care of me so well.

What else? Learned tonight that the phrase “rule of thumb” has been long associated with wife-beating; then learned that is a false association. Currently: insomnia, IMing with Ruger, listening / watching my husband settle our nightwaking son.

Tomorrow – or rather, in a few hours (damn you, post-drinking binge insomnia!): another round of babysitting; payday.

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