a further dirty secret

What some people – even people who know me relatively well – aren’t aware of, and which I keep a little bit of a secret – is:


Which is why today, after being allowed to buy a few sewing goodies for the first time in a loooong while, I am feeling so chipper. First off was ordering the patterns for Halloween costumes and a new sewing foot for my machine (asleep yet?). Then downtown – AT my husband’s suggestion – I bought these two fabrics for a simple baby quilt for a mommy who’s expecting and who we are having a shower for on Wednesday:

Today I also finished a super-secret project for Abbi & Rosemary – the other mommy/baby couple we are honoring at the shower:

Yes, I am just *that* domestic. Pathetic, I know. But the upside is, make friends with me: get some barfy handmade thing you have to awkwardly find a way to donate to a thrift store out of town when you decide you hate it. And by the way, this is going to way too much trouble: I honestly don’t give a damn how you use my sewing gifts. The joy for me is in making it.

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