a visit from friends and to the beaks

You’d think after the fabulous weekend visit of Chris and his woman Liz we would have a million cool photos to show for it. Not so. We took a bunch on Chris’s camera, including a rather pasty-looking set from yesterday of the two boys holding hands and running into our rather cold surf. There is, I’m told, a film Chris and my husband are working on that involves our daughter in a Wonder Woman top and some makeshift sword (of course, guys). All the raw footage is on our camera and from what I’ve seen it mostly involves the two guys coaching my three-year old into stunts where she falls off some steps or gets hit in the face.

We’re calling our son Little Nutbrown Hare these days because after one week in the sun (yes, with sunblock on, you Nosy-Arse) he is, rather abruptly, brown-skinned and blonde-haired. He is so, so, so beautiful. His eyelashes are reddish brown and blonde at the roots. He has the best ass I’ve ever seen. He now says “more” in sign language at the table to ask for food. He points and goes, “huh?” if he wants an explanation. He is sweet when he nurses and only pulls his sister’s hair while they’re trapped together in the bike trailer.

This morning I heard some good news – a long-time friend I’d mentioned whose marriage was having trouble – well, they are doing better. It’s good to hear. Really good.

My brother is so cool. He made a picture of my li’l gel. T-shirts coming soon for all her fans.

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