Happy Mother’s Day To Me

Well, today was almost entirely uneventful. Church, pizza for lunch. Sewing. Yard work again. An unexpected pickup of CK in Bainbridge – Redding motor home deal fell through. Took The Girl along with me. She was in a short skirt and rain boots and was about the best thing I’ve ever seen.

At 8-ish I went out tonight with some moms for the second annual Mother’s Day Drink at the Manresa Castle. Conversation was sticky at best. I can be such a brash arsehole sometimes – usually if I feel conversation is faltering or worse yet, boring. In this case it wasn’t really either – more that the subject material was a little grim at times. Honestly, I feel it wasn’t all me that was the problem. It was just an oil-and-water group in some ways. Anyway, I tried my best to liven up the conversation with my typical ribald fare – my husband in a jock strap and the like. I guess when I get home at night I should just tell him right up front what sort of dirty laundry I aired out for my friends. Poor guy.

Tonight I also met for the third time a very sweet mum who I always seem to be exceptionally obtuse when I see her. She is also stunningly beautiful in a way that is totally “my type”. I mean the ones that are almost wallflowers but so sweet you want to put them on your lap and pet like a kitten… If I was wired differently a little I’d be a lesbian, but in a very non-threatening way.

Egads, what am I even talking about? Home now – hanging out with husband as he does his nightly weight-training ritual.

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