I couldn’t get up for my shift today / I’ll have to leave the camp now anyway

Considering no one has been injured, nothing has burned down or been destroyed, and no one has called me with news of a terminal disease or something, I guess I’ve had a good day so far. But barring anything really really scary or hellish, it has been bad. A hike and beach trip gone awry. Minor child abuse. No food in the cupboard for the next 24 hours. Oh, and you know that close call I wrote about the other day? Well, today it actually happened.

There is half a glass of red wine left in the bottle, and I (really really) find myself tempted to have it and lay down with the Girl for a nap. But. The scary fricken mountain of laundry that has some evil towel in the middle seeding all my clothes with mildew – that mountain – needs attention.

[sigh]. Three more hours until Daddy gets home. I miss him. It’s been tough.

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