i’m no sci-fi movie dork, but

Just saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy this evening. I can’t really comment on anything or risk sounding like a geek (“geek” meaning, yes I read the books). I guess I’ll say three things: 1. the movie was fine – about as enjoyable as the books were for me; 2. Mos Def is really growing on me; and 3. an early scene of Sam Rockwell in this particular pair of shorts is worth my admission ticket many times over. Oh, and I guess one more thing; 4. I am oddly obsessed with Bill Nighy and will never be able to see him without thinking of Philip in Shaun of the Dead (“I am telling you, there is nothing of the man you loved in that car!” [click] off goes the car stereo).

I saw Douglas Adams in person several years ago – a couple years before he died – and he seemed like a funny, sweet, and oddly brilliant man. I barely knew anything about his work but I was glad I went to see him. It is so strange to me when people die young, they are arrested in time in some way.

So – on to my real life. Do you know how much focus, how much dedication, it takes to get to the beach – adequately provisioned – every day of the week when you have two little kids? Man! Two more days to a perfect record this week. I am purple with sunburn from a little overexposure today – whoops. That may make backpacking The Boy rather itchy and bad tomorrow. I am scared.

FRICKEN band-aid on my ring finger makes typing excrutiating. Enough for now.

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