it’s Ladies Night, oh what a night!

A night out with friends at shed boy dive-cum-bohemian local pub Sirens. Did we leave our children with a sitter for the first “classy” part of the evening at Husband’s CEO’s barbecue? Did I ask my husband to drop me directly off at the tavern after our Friday night date, thereby making sure I didn’t have to even set one eye on my children? Were said children in a total frothing mess as my husband attempted to put them to sleep and as I sipped my first martini? Did a full pack of cigarettes vanish in our escapades? Did I get hit on by some Vancouver guitar-carpenter sci-fi geek?

Yes, yes, yes on all accounts. And I would have been hit on by many more of a foxier persuasion had I been into that sort of thing. Men come and go, but I am all for the Girls these days.

A truly beautiful evening.

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