obigatory post-weekend post

This weekend was a flurry of home improvement projects. I made curtains for the bedroom, hung a new Chinese lantern, bought batteries for smoke detectors, procured a “new” stove & a “new” vacuum (thrillingly retro and lime green – I may actually acquiesce to vacuuming duties!), and the Husband dug me a new vegetable bed (prepared as the kids and I napped Saturday). It feels satisfying to get so much done, & sewing so much was icing on the cake.

Tonight our Dear Daughter pulled the most sullen, Naughty, drawn-out power play she has yet to pull. Testing just how long she can hold out against our unified demand that she make amends. As she stubbornly curled up in the chair we had designated her temporary prison, holding out for longer than I would have thought a three-year-old possible – altho’ part of me was aggrieved – another part of me thought, “Good for her. That’s going to come in handy for her someday.” I am trying to be mindful of her little person and realize I’m not always going to rate highly in her thoughts.

I also am working on Super-Secret Project for friend… Can’t say more. And no, blog-stalker – it’s not for you! If you aren’t going to come to the fore and admit your crush on me, I’m not going to acknowledge you with gifts and love. Deal with it.

np – the Raveonettes

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