sickies + cold medicine = easy babies

Both kids have been running a little temperature. Sophie slept most of today, including in a restaurant, during a margarita lunch I had with a few girlfriends. Both kids have had red eyes, vacant expressions (that’s the dope I have them on), needing to be held a lot. Still, sick children sure are a lot more stoic than most adults I could mention.

And speaking of that – I was privy to a great term coined by LoRo today at said Mexican lunch – “man mileage”. As in any time women allow men to get away with being lame in deference to stereotypical sex roles. In this case as voiced by a male friend at a party: “Oh you know how we guys get when we are sick [i.e. less functional and more helpless than females]” and all the women in the room nod, resigned to this basic “fact”. DING DING DING! We’ve scored Man Mileage!!!

I will have to use that one more often.
little beak.

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