spring sewing beaver – i mean "fever"

Today was a great day. The Girl slept in and I designed some <--- quick flyers to take to a playgroup while my son cheerfully dismantled the house. Spring here is feeling like summer and I notice my friends are starting to congregate and get out a bit. It’s an inspiration. I have a lot of people asking me for sewing classes and I haven’t quite committed to a cirriculum yet – so – I’ll just do a drop-in class for now. I commited to having food and I’m not sure what that will be. I loathe baking. Maybe beer and brie or something like it.

Besides the class, I am trying to convince my husband that this weekend’s project should be painting our bedroom. I’m at work on some curtains – that I started last summer! – and trying to finish those in the next couple days. That and a cheap Chinese paper lantern I have had stowed away and we have our sexy sanctuary all set. Well, as sexy as our white-trash budget will allow.

Husband is out on an evening hike with the kids and another dad. He is trying to woo dad friends to go on a big Man Retreat – so far with no luck. I was the one who suggested the retreat, but it is still fun to poke jokes about him coming home with a DIY-tanned hide and antlers on his head, etc.

Speaking of the Husband… cue: theme from Chariots of Fire: He started jogging a few months ago and over time has really worked up a regular routine. He goes most days on his lunch break. I think he and I would agree it’s really paying off physically and emotionally. He lost 15 pounds almost right away which I am envious of (over the past 10 years or so and after two babies I have retain the same slightly squishy weight effortlessly, so I guess I shouldn’t complain). I know it also helps manage stress as well. This year he’s going to do the Rhody Run for the first time. 7.46 miles including one bitch of a hill. I’m very proud of him even if I tease him about his parachute pants and whatnot. Not because he’s taken up running or is getting healthier but because he is taking the time to take care of himself. That’s something that doesn’t come easy to him.

Alright: time to pour a last cup of coffee and get some laundry in.

P.S. I am in love with Ian McShane. ‘Nuff said.

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