this is fact, not fiction

Not twenty minutes ago Sophie walked into the living room where I was breastfeeding The Boy, looked in my eyes, and said, “I’m worried about you dying.”

A sobering moment.

This afternoon the big event was grocery shopping. We had some fake munney that allowed me to buy some staples we needed – cooking oil, laundry soap, coffee, brown sugar, yeast. It’s amazing what it takes to keep the four of us alive.

Sophie’s on my lap, singing:

i’m reaching for the phone
to call at 7:03
and on your machine i slur a plea for you to come home

but i know it’s too late
and i should have given you a reason to stay

Today I got a fabulous Mother’s Day card (a MikWright, no less) from Chris and his lady Elizabeth. How nice to be thought of!

P.S. I *heart* the widgets in Tiger’s Dashboard.

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