update from the land of flannel and Walmart

Day #2 in Grays Harbor. I have to admit, I really love it here. No one who didn’t grow up here would understand. It’s hard to for me, sometimes, when I’m feeling depressed, to see the loveliness here. But today outside in my mother’s verdant yard smelling the budding wisteria, herbs peeking up in planters, new beanpoles set up, birds and bees visiting the feeders and tender shoots, my Boy playing in the rich topsoil as my mother weeds a garden bed… It’s paradise.

Ralph is heading up to PT tomorrow and I’ll have a day or two here with my kids. I’m going to cook for everyone tomorrow. I know I should get together with the couple girlfriends who live here. It seems so difficult to make the effort, though. Maybe they will read my blog and give me a call! Yes, I know – I’m a lameass.

Ralph and my father are in a techie discussion about the philosophies of futurists. It’s amazing how much those two love to pontificate. They’ve really got it all figured out.

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