and this is a GOOD morning

It’s only 11 o’clock and already I’ve run my ass all over town, cooked two meals, did the dishes, scrubbed diapers with my bare hands, stripped bedding, washed the kitchen floor on my knees, navigated several potty breaks (my own and Siouxsie’s), and downed three cups of coffee. I think I might have had something to eat amongst all of that, too.

My kids are upstairs doing SOMETHING. I don’t know what. I heard some screaming a while ago, but it was *happy* screaming. I’m hovering between the idea of taking them to the park or roughing it here at home. Gotta get the girl back to nap kinda early so she can be awake for tumbling class. Was seriously considering taking her to Star Wars tonight but heard there was a gruesome disfigurement scene. Now, even though my girl is able to watch total gore on her BBC dinosaur film, I guess I shouldn’t rush the desensitization process *too* much, huh?

And may I just say God, God, GodDAMN Scandanavian pattern designers. I am trying to get this sweet li’l frock done for my girl and I am stuck in the mire of tiny, tiny yoke and facing circumferences. Fuckers.

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