in a nutshell

My kids’ beady little eyes follow my every move whether I have a spoon in hand or a banana or even an iced mocha (yes that was my little girl sneaking a sip at the bell tower, but my hands were full changing a diaper outdoors!). They are like those creepy little dolls in Barbarella with big shiny facefuls of fangs, coming after me all the time. I realized today: they will win. I am doomed. To continual compromises, admissions of inadequacy, aging, and eventually my own death.

Today I was that classless Mama on public transportation – a total of three busses – who accepts any help at unloading the monster jogging stroller and her two snotnosed monsters in and out of the bus. To be fair, I’ve decided I am OK with getting help from people willing to offer. I look them right in the eyes and say, “Thank you very much.” It is a good lesson. I notice my child repeats it, “Thank you very mu-uch“, she sings out, “see you later!” as she charges off to transfer (she knows bus #13 and #11 by name and route already). Child #2 is a different story. He makes goo-goo eyes at any female form in a subsequent seat. Just in case we get hijacked and Mama doesn’t make it, he wants a backup plan. You’ll go far, kid.

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