"everyone seemed to have… swelled"

Mistress of the Glue Stick.

Dad and Sophie collaborate.

Today we had a pool party at a friends’ all morning. OK, those are the kind of days I don’t miss working at a paying job. But goddamn, am I the only Mommy who thinks we oughtta have cocktails at these things? The kids had a great time. I told my mother on the phone, “Sophie was the only one who was naked.” Her response? “Just like her mom!”

Oh, and speaking of that – tomorrow I head down south to my 10 year high school reunion. Check the site out. It’s rad. Misspellings, random capitalizations, and a message board with no one there but a big tumbleweed, like a reunion site should be. So with any luck check back on Saturday and I’ll have some pictures of everyone I slept with (I hope they show up, altho’ most of them were teachers). I’ll put a big black bar over their eyes (and/or crotches) for privacy’s sake.

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