I really may have to think my anti-Brit thing

Actually, I think I love the British – over there. It’s when they come to live here I get all bent out of shape, and then it’s really only over the ones I suspect hang on to their accents overlong on purpose (as we seem to have a healthy population of here in PT). Or maybe that’s just the redneck in me talkin’ – you think?

Anyway – I hate, hate, hate writing about anything that really matters. But today listening to the aftermath of the bombings in London I was very moved by what I was hearing from the Londoners, barely ten hours away from a brutal series of attacks, speaking with courage, sadness, and dignity (remember that?). Now on to the American Media and a few of our notable ass-clown leaders, where every bit of potential human nobility will be squeezed out in favor of grisly sensationalism, histrionics, and the supposed moral high ground.

In more relevant news, I am currently having a hard time not OD’ing on a box of Good & Plenty which, like a goldfish, I would probably consume until I grew too big for my glass tank. Somebody save me!

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