Lame-ass Links-A-Lot

It’s time for a filler post!

Our “happening” friend Brummel (too happening to even update his blog) seems to imply I’m the last person on earth to find Well, maybe. I deliberately avoid any media except NPR (including our local newspaper) and altho’ I miss Comedy Central, I don’t miss TV enough to actively search it out (let’s not talk about last year’s illicit affair with Oz or this year’s dabbling in Deadwood). Anyway – speaking of quality TV (or TV spoof) I challenge you not to laugh your ass of at The ‘Bu and Stork Patrol (- Billy, if you don’t watch this, I am disowning you). P.S. why don’t more men have hair like Ardy?

In case you missed the latest addition to my sidebar, I found a cute-‘n’-trashy blog by a writer / commediene / tollbooth worker who will probably not ever “make it” in any fiscally rewarding way. Unhealthy, but addictive – kinda like Little Debbie cakes.

And finally – ladies – take yourself to a very special place with this decadent (yet innocent), manly (yet nurturing), romantic intervals to the sexy world of housecleaning sundries. After all, which of us [caucasian] females doesn’t have a wee secret, shameful crush on the lumberjack type? Thanks you my latently-homosexual relative for this link (he claims “his girlfriend” showed it to him!)

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