goodwill t-shirt + snot-nosed brat = S-A-S-S-Y

look as good as your white-trash momma!

Skirt A (on left) is made from a t-shirt and velveteen remnant ruffle; Skirt B (on right) has a contrast casing and is made up of old t-shirts and embellished with a sharpie.

Rokken like Dokken.

RS, WS – “right side” and “wrong side” of material
SA = seam allowance

Use 1/2″ SA unless otherwise specified.

Cut the body of the skirt:

Skirt A:
The width of this piece will be equal to (hip width + 2″). The length of this piece should be (desired skirt body length + 1 1/2″). To get an idea for the body, you want this part of the skirt to come down to the top of the thighs. For my three year old, I wanted a skirt body length of 6″. Her hip width is 21″, so I cut out a 23″ (21″ + 2″) by 7 1/2″ (6″ + 1 1/2″) rectangle (Figure 1).

Figure 1: rectangular body piece.
For Skirt B, your casing would be the same width.

For Skirt B:
You would keep the width the same as Skirt A, but the length would only be skirt body height plus 1″. You would also cut a casing piece 2 1/4″ inches by the skirt body unfinished width (23″, in this example).

The width of the ruffle piece is about twice the length of the body: 1.75*(skirt body width) or 2* (skirt body width). in this example, (2 * 23″) = 46″. This does not have to be exact. The ruffle length is the desired length of the ruffle plus 1″. Sew a double-fold hem on bottom edge.

This is the point you would embellish the body or ruffle of the skirt (baste lace, applique, etc). If you’re going to applique, consider stabilizing the knit piece first.

Use half-inch elastic and cut (waist size – 2″). My toddler’s waist is 20″ so I cut 18″.

Skirt A:
Join skirt body sides. Clip seam and zigzag finish. Turn skirt inside out. It should look like a tube. Fold the top raw edge down to the WS 1″ and zig zag evenly, close to the raw edge on the WS. Leave about 1″ open. Thread the elastic through. Pin elastic together and try the skirt body on your model, if you like. Sew the elastic together, overlapping about 1/2″ and making sure it is not twisted. Slide the elastic in evenly in the casing and close the seam.

Skirt B:
Fold the casing strip in half length-wise, WS together. Pin folded raw edge to top raw edge of skirt body RS together; sew. Press. Thread elastic through casing, making sure not to twist. Pin elastic ends to edges of casing. Join skirt body sides. Clip seam and zigzag finish (Figure 2).

Figure 2: finished side-seam.

Adding ruffle to body of skirt:
Mark in 1/4 increments on body of skirt and ruffle (Figure 3). Sew together, matching the marks and pleating by hand as you go (Figure 4).

Figure 3: quarters marked and pinned.

Figure 4: pleating as you sew.

Please note that I made a ruffle out of velveteen on the Skirt A. If you use a jersey knit (i.e. t-shirt) the ruffle will be less stiff and flounce out less. For a flouncier effect with a woven, you would cut a large piece shaped like a doughnut.

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