i rock harder than you because of my minor domestic achievements

I’m going to set a new trend for Mommies. I’m going to choose to celebrate the things I get done around the house and ignore the shit I don’t. It works really great. Today’s feat: cleaning the freezer.

I didn’t include a “Before” picture, but it was pretty bad.
Thrown out: worm compost, fossilized veggies, breastmilk, quinoa confetti, pie cherries, and frozen soup.

I suppose some of you are thinking, “A placenta has no place in a freezer!” Well first off, have you ever seen a more discreet, tidily-wrapped placenta? And it’s probably less scary than some of the stuff lurking in your freezer [smug]. And – perhaps more to the point – what the hell am I going to do with it, anyway (seriously, does anyone have any ideas)?

Maybe some of you are unfazed by the placenta – but wondering about “ice cup”. Well, as much as I would like to explain this – or allow my husband to explain this, since it is in fact his invention – I am about to watch the X Files with Cyn and explanations will have to await another day.

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