if only they were as sweet as those goddamn penguins in that movie

I apologize in advance to anyone reading this who may be sensitive to raw language or feelings, or who was hoping for a little light reading as they ate their bagel at their desk on their lunch hour. But:

My fucking child is being unreasonable.

To clarify, Child #2 is the problem this week. Although Child #1 is also cranky and sick with a cold and isn’t much help. Anyway, my son is getting several teeth at once – including a painful duet of canines and premolars. He also has a cold and chapped cheeks. Still, how much screaming, nipple-biting, and back-arching-in-carseat tantrums is Mama supposed to handle before going nuts and throwing something or someone through a window? My solution this morning: load him up with cold medicine and put him in the cab of the truck while I took a five-minute shower. Yes, the emergency brake was on, and yes, fuck you if you are judging me. Feel free to come over anytime and wrangle the little hellion while I fritter away my time doing silly things like eating, pooping, or getting my other child fed and dressed.

I just got a call and my mom is coming up to visit. Mommmmmmeee! I am going to ask her to take me out to dinner and take care of my kids and rent the X-Files with me and cyn.

The day before yesterday I gave Sophie our digital camera and she took about 75 pictures. With a fair amount of skill, I might add. She marched right up to people and snapped shots.

Showing good form
, at least considering this is her photographic debut at 3 years old.

You know how hard it is to get unaffected poses when you’re taking a picture? Apparently, when faced with a three-foot-tall photographer, people don’t feel as self-conscious:

Enough barfy bragging on my child’s mediocre accomplishments. I leave you with a final photo from our idyllic summer outings:

Sophie at the beach
, on a hunt for tiny little crabs and sea anenomes.

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