keeping me on my toes

I finally put it together that maybe the reason my tummy hurts so often is: my son. Today’s featured hijinx:

1. Pooping in the tub – only, of course, while sharing his bath with sister and every bath toy on this planet. Lots of sanitation work for me today.

2. While in the parking lot, crawling out of supermarket cart seat and STANDING UP while holding a balloon and running around in the mini-arena of the cart, causing bitchy old ladies to stare.

3. Punching me in the face and pulling my hair.

Of course as the universal law goes, to balance out the one Evil Spawn you have a Tolerably-Behaving Child. As I type this, my daughter is giving me a ninja tattoo on my left arm: “Mom, it’s going to take a little while. You hold still, OK?”

OK, as I typed that (^), she took a picture of her work:

Tres talented
, no?

Sometimes having a three-year old is super great.

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