one for the noggin

can you say “saucy maiden”?
Not without looking like a dork, I can’t.

My first hat pattern – McCall’s 4607, reviewed at

Cut lining out from something soft.
I used a $0.25 pillowcase from the thrift store!

Make pattern marks on the WS of the interfaced piecing.
I also recommend sewing the lining top + crown before the main body of the hat – so that you can get the darts down well.

Edgestitch from the WS of the hat! It will be more accurate. And don’t use contrasting thread unless you are an amazing topstitcher or have big, clanging brass balls.

Hat and lining basted –
and the ribbon (just what I had lying around) ready to be tacked to hat lining.

Sassy “backwards” position. Note how edgestitching really shows up – so don’t f*ck up!

Frolick outside in the garden!
My version turned out big enough for me to grow some nappy dreds in there.

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