surrealistic Tuesday

My husband is right outside the window chopping something with an axe. I am afraid to meet his eyes through the glass. Maybe he’s finally lost it.

Overheard today: “No no no… We don’t pet the cat with a crescent wrench.” And last week: “Honey, be careful with how you’re shoving his head to the floor.” Followed a few seconds later by, “I really don’t want you whipping him in the face with that”. The absolute weirdest thing is that it is only a small miracle I even hear these comments as they sound exactly as if Ralph is saying, “Would you mind passing the salt?”.

Tomorrow we’re having a parade in town for World Breastfeeding Week. I’m thinking about cutting out two circles in posterboard and putting “the twins” on display in all their glory. I’ll definitely have pictures to post, and I’ll try to get a couple good sets of boobs.

And finally… I made Sophie a little somethin’ today.

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