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What am I making here?
Let me give you a few hints: kitschy, kitchen-y, plus now that I’m looking at it, I’ve included the pattern in the picture. Anyway, I’m making birthday gifts for two women who don’t read my blog. I don’t think.

Soon, I will be in the mood to start knitting again.
Re-blocking some hats this evening. The one on the left is from this last winter; only the second thing I have ever knit. Turned out great – not one extra or dropped stitch – and is even more fabulous on a head. Sadly, the tassels wrapped around one another irrevocably when I washed the hat today so they were mercifully amputated. I’ll have to add some new ones. I hate making goddamn tassels. I’d rather knit an entire hat. Somebody spare me the trouble and mail me some good, homemade tassels!

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