a little extra roughage in the diet

Today’s been one of those, “Hey, random weird shit is happening” days. First, my friend Renee shows up on our Tuesday hike with my much-beloved, and long-missing, hat. I mean, I hadn’t seen that thing since early summer. She works at the local movie theatre (note cool “Euro” spelling) and while going through the Lost and Found recognized the hat as mine. This is an example of how it can be a really cool thing about living in a small town.

Second, as I was making dinner – chicken, rice, peas, and baked acorn squash – the fucking Pyrex baking dish shattered in the oven! Luckily no pieces of splintered glass seemed to get in the food. Or at least, not that I could tell anyway. I will be checking my children’s stool over the next few days (yeah right – like they ate my lovingly hand-prepared squash! All white rice and meat for those little bastards).

Current project I am ignoring my children to complete: mix CD for my ladyfriends.

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