i think #4 is ‘Pleather’?

Today is Ralph and my anniversary. It also happens to be my longest-running best friend’s birthday. She was my Maid of Honor and let me just tell you – at my wedding? She had the most amazing rack. I still think about it. That thing was good. Now that I’m thinking of her, she also did my makeup for the event and I was the height of bridal-glow with a slightly-harlotty touch (I was five months pregnant at my own wedding, natch). I was lucky to have her that day.

Three cheers for Amore!

And now, off my tangential feel-good post about my sexyful gal pal, and on to my maudlin “Oh I’m so happy to be married” pap…

I am so happy to be married. We had some setbacks but nothing we aren’t coming back from. Coincidentally – since I hadn’t told anyone it was my anniversary today – a woman at the park (perusing the Breeder) asked me how many years I’d been married. When I told her it was my anniversary she simply said, “Four years, two kids.” and left it at that. She also has two young children so had some perspective. She gave a nod at me, I nodded back. Acknowledgment. I am proud of my marriage, as flawed as it might be, and as scary as some moments have been. Monogamy and commitment to my husband are commitments to myself. No matter who else I become, or who else I’ve been, I now know I want to be the kind of woman who stays with one man, bears and raises his children, and never leaves his side.

If someone were to ask me the secrets to having a loving marriage I would say… “Don’t ask me yet, we’ve only made it this far. Ask me when we’re hitting 40 years together and still makin’ whoopee like a couple bunnies on Valentine’s Day.”

Ha, ha.

Of course, I really do have ideas about how to forge and keep a soulmate relationship, and after seven years and two kids with Ralph I think I have a decent track record to back it up [brag]. But I’ll only share them in exchange for cold, hard cash. Ahhh… again, I’m just fuckin’ with ya. Mostly I’m just sleepy, and wanting to curl up on the couch with my beaux.

Happy Anniversary, Husband. Now take me to Pleasure Town!


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