knittin’ like a bitch


… the Kittyville hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch on my favorite kitty (my child on left – duh!):

Knit with:
BS Lamb’s Pride worsted in Old Sage ($8)
Size 8 16″ circular & dpns
Finished with little green pumpkin beads on the end, $2.50 apiece and totally an impulse buy!

How do I modify an adult hat pattern to a toddler size? Well, that’s simple. Just start by making the hat as if for yourself. Knit with needles one size up to obtain gauge, but then knit so tight it STILL remains too small for my adult-sized head (23″).

That was knitter sarcasm, BTW.

For the record, with a little blocking this hat would fit me fine. But I actually like a fairly loose fit, and it was skullcap-tight. I am a little amazed at just how tight I knit. The project calls for 7s, I used 8s, and we still have what you see here.

By the time I was done with the body of the hat, I knew it would be a Sophie hat. So I modified the earflaps to be shorter. I knit the earflaps as instructed up to Row 4. Then instead of going on to Row 5 (seed stitch) I continued with the same pattern as Row 4:

(K1, k2tog, sead st to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1)

Until you get to 4 sts, then continue on with the rest of the pattern. For the ears, I only PU 10 sts, not 12.

Otherwise I knit the hat the same as the adult pattern!

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