I can’t help but be proud of some rather trivial (read, “Boring To Anyone But Me”, but fuck off, you’re the one reading my blog) things:

1. My home is very cozy. This is due to rather rigorous housekeeping efforts on the parts of my husband and me. It’s worth it, though – to cuddle in bed with your child in clean sheets and candlelight. To walk through the rooms of your home in the evening quiet (a house with sleeping children is peaceful yet very full in a way like no other) feeling relaxed. No scary dishes in the sink, no laundry pile to the ceiling. This evening by 8:30 both kids were tucked away in bed and I sat down to knit while my husband was out running errands. With another woman, I might add (a cute one, too!). But hell, that didn’t detract from my nest and the peacefulness within (“… we wouldn’t be laughing later when he brought back some whore from town!”).

2. I know it shouldn’t matter, and I would love her no matter what else, but I am really thrilled that my daughter’s tastes run to dinosaurs, ninjas, and catching grasshoppers. Not a Barbie, princess, ballerina, or item of cookingware in sight. Of course it’s only a matter of time before she makes friends with a Queen Bee who will teach her all about Cabbage Patch dolls and the female traits of settling for second-class and instigating petty in-fighting with your peers. But for now, Hooray for Sophie.

3. I finished my obsessive weekend knitting project started on Friday – the Kittyville hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch.

( <-- bottom-right) I was trying to make it for myself. Without going into a lot of blah-blah about yarn gauge, knitting needle size, and blocking (something probably exactly one reader here understands and / or cares about) – it turned out a wee bit too small (I like a loose fit) but *perfect* for my daughter. Who by the way, started harping on me the second I started knitting it, demanding I make her one. Now the rotten little bastard is going to think that’s how she gets her way. Figures.

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