small adventures and petty miracles

My daughter, who is napless for the second day in a row (which means early bedtime – a good thing) has nevertheless been a complete angel ever since I picked her up from school. She and The Boy are currently lying on the floor in the living room while she feeds him nuts, one at a time.

On the way home from Chetzemoka Park today the kids are lulled by the iPod pop playing and the hum of our family car. The sun is streaming through the window and I’ve only got a half hour left before my husband gets home and I get a dose of adult-time and child-reprieve. I’m feeling good. Suddenly I see it on the side of the road: a small, rolled up baggie with indeterminate vegetable contents. I pass by. No need to pull over, someone will pick it up, I think. But then I muse, “Gee, that looked a bit like marijuana!” Curiosity piqued, I turn around and head back, pull over and quickly swipe the Mystery Baggie from off the side of the road (intending, of course, to turn any contraband over to authorities). However what looked suspiciously illegal turns out in fact to be a tidy couple servings of mixed nuts! An expensive-looking mix, too. I shrug, toss the baggie in the car, and head home for the last part of my stay-at-home-mom day.

The nuts occupy the kids; the laundry is folded; it’s time to coast a bit. But I want to add that one of the ways it’s obvious I’m a Nice Girl is that, even though my husband is due home any minute and even though I’m ready to take it easy, I nevertheless changed the Foul Fecalstorm that is my son’s diaper, rinsed it out thoroughly, and washed it. I also wiped up their hands and faces and cleaned the living room.

Of course, it helps that I’m going out for margaritas with girlfriends in about 45 minutes.

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