where it’s at

Revelations this morning:

1. It isn’t the bad behavior but the sheer sound of their voices that makes me want to throttle them today.

2. My son *can* in fact stagger down a steep hill at breakneck speed without falling (for locals, the near-sheer cliff separating the playground from the soccer fields at HJ Carroll Park). As I ran toward him – far too distant to catch him in time – it was such a cute feeling to be in between laughing my head off and vomiting from anxiety. My friend Abbi just watched and laughed, damn her eyes.

3. If you set your Skype status to “Skype Me” it actually means, “Hey Perverts, It’s Open Season On My Sweet Ass!”. (P.S. this program rocks – add me, i’m kellyhogaboom, naturally).

4. I am in love with a TV personality.

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