hip to be square

Today the phone rang off the hook. A friend looking for a babysitter reference; other friends catching up from the vacation; my mom; the school board (“Where’s the money you owe us?”), returns on calls for childcare tonight (our first couples counseling! we’re awesome!) etc. But at about 2 PM a girlfriend from high school unexpectedly phoned. When I picked up she sounded like one of my local Mama buddies but I also simultaneously recognized her voice immediately, although I haven’t talked to her in five years or so.

I had a little group (I know you’re saying “clique” in your mind) of about six of us that got tight in late middle school and stayed that way through high school and a bit beyond. Out of the six, only two of us are currently married with children (this woman and me) – the rest have careers and, presumably, a more exciting nightlife and better clothes. My girlfriend is happy we have something in common. Our kids are close in age; we have the same irreverrant humor about them; we love them so much it’s barfy. On young kids and marriage she asks, “Hey, did you just give your husband a high-five and say, ‘See you in 25 years?’ ” I got a good laugh out of that one.

So now I am reunited with a fellow Breeder and email buddy from the East side (of Washington state, that is – Spokane). It’s a good thing.

Pictures from this weekend:

My husband helping my brother Billy, who hovers vulture-like in the corner as Ralph once again duct-tapes his Mac together. Buy a new one already, Gollum!

Kitty Porn. Hey – she’s a consenting adult!

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