home again, home again, jiggity-jig

We just blew in the door. I’m glad we put the effort into cleaning the house before we left for our trip. It always pays off. If only some wee elf would have snuck in my house and cleaned up my sewing room, which remains a disaster area.

My stomach has been hurting for two days now. Sharp, ulcer-ish pains. I am doing my typical thing – ignoring it in hopes it will go away. I am not usually a fan of denial, but it has its place. It could be the extremely poor nutrition, booze, and lack of physical exercise I exhibited during this holiday. What can I say? The weather was oppressive and the white-bread-and-ham sandwiches too sickeningly tempting.

In other news, I got to the latest Harry Potter film. I took my three year old, too. Yeah, it’s scary. So what? She’s tough. P.S. don’t actually go to any Harry Potter websites or forums or imdb boards. Barfy, obsessive fans. Speaking of which: Ralph, my friend Cyn, and I are all watching “Firefly”. OK, honestly. I’m not a sci-fi dork.

I’m not.

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