we interrupt this program…

My family is here in town. Mom, dad, and brother all pulled up in Bus Shanty II about 12 hours ago. We’re gonna party like, well, like lame-ass family where you mostly eat a bunch and watch movies, I guess.

My husband and I have been sleeping with our three year old between us. It’s like the world’s best teddy bear. The other morning at about 5 AM she stirred and put her arms around me and said, “Mama, do you like pumpkins?” and I said, “Yes Sophie, I do.” She sighed and went back to sleep. Later that day she told me she’d been dreaming about Halloween.

A couple hours ago in bed she surfaced as I pulled covers around me (it takes forever for me to warm up in bed!) and said – in the softest, most scratchy little voice, “Mama, wake up, I want to tell you somefeeg”. Poor little tyke – drifted back off to sleep before she could divulge any more.

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