breaking up is hard to do

At first, I didn’t really believe you were gone. I thought it was only a matter of time before you came back to me. I mean – my life might be hectic, but you were mine to count on. I knew you’d come back. I needed you here with me.

But you know, you were in my life over a year, and yet after those first few months I guess I took you for granted. All those car trips… Shared memories, laughter, always something unexpected. Even when the kids were bitching and fussing you could make them smile, just with a song. Whatever my mood was at the time, I found something in you that I needed. Depressed. Joyous. Contemplative. Spastically happy. You were there for me, one-hundred percent.

And now that we’re in the holiday season, it’s even worse. I am thinking of you more and more lately. I want you back, but I know now you are gone. This morning I had a painful memory: Christmastime last year, at the cottage in Cannon Beach. You were at the kitchen table, playing music for everybody. No one’s taste was overlooked. You were the life of the party.

I can’t believe you are really and truly gone.

Farewell, iPod. Wherever you are*, I hope you are finding happiness.

* Thank you fucking meth-head who stole it out of my parked van in driveway! You truly suck, big time.

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