Can I just out myself as the world’s biggest geek?

Of course, I’m not – not really. I mean, I was hardly the first girl to decide I *needed* to make a Jayne hat (as evidenced by this blog, various fan sites, the craftster thread, and other LJ stuff I’m too lazy to post). However, once the urge hit me it was like a fire in my loins that needed to be quenched.

Don’t try this at home. The knitting part, though, that’s easy. Rather than hunt all over town for the right yarn, needles, etc I purchased the kit at A few days later I got the pattern, needles, yarn, pom-poms (premade – I would rather punch myself in the face than make pompoms!), stitch markers, and darning needle in one package, wrapped up tidy and lovely.

Bad ass ‘tude – just another service they offer.

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