let it rain, let it rain, let it rain… [ sung tunefully ]

The weather is worse this trip than it was last year. The wind and rain are so ferocious that an umbrella is more of an impediment than anything else, a gust of wind transforming it into an upreaching claw and throwing you around the sidewalk. We are prepared, though, the kids most of all with their spendy coats and boots and their rugged spirits for adventure. Me however, with the weather as it is, I’m more into this kind of R & R:

Tonight I got about 16 episodes of Law & Order out of my system.

The cottage we stay in is a real treat for the following reasons:

1. Better cookware than my house. Non-stick pans that actually… don’t stick! One of those skillet-thingies you plug into the wall.

2. A dishwasher. Mother of God, a dishwasher!

3. So much toilet paper we could never, ever run out. Oh yeah – the luxury of paper towels, too.

4. Actual TV, with actual cable.

There’s other fabulous shit like the scenery, cute little shops, no sales tax and that whole “We pump your gas for you, Miss!” – but it’s obvious to me the largest gains of my vacation are in the domestic sphere.

My brother + camera + Sophie’s favorite carnivorous plastic reptile.

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