the waiting is the hardest part

Christmas morning. We are going to get a late start today because a few Christy bastards in our group are attending morning services a block away.

My son woke early this morning (5:30 AM) so at 10:30 I take him into the bedroom, put him in soft clothes, and lay down with him in the bed. He pulls his face close to me, flutters his eyelashes, and gradually his breathing establishes a rhythm. I lay next to him awhile, enjoying the silence in the home (we’ve been a party of nine for the last 24 hours) and breathe deep.

If there’s anything that smells better than my children’s breath, I haven’t come across it yet.

For those who are absolutely petrified at the thought of severely limited purchasing limits for Christmas presents (as explained in previous posts, we do a $5 Christmas), check out this year’s loot:

The “dog” to be auctioned off to lowest bidder.

12:13 PM and my sister and beau have walked in the door. It’s present time!

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