yes, i’m boring. but i’m also suffering here!

The weeked finally caught up with me. I am sick today. Last night I kept waking feeling feverish and coughing my chest out. This morning I am having dizzy spells. My overacheieving, crazy self is trapped in a body that is saying, “Slow the fuck down!” and is willing to back it up by putting me out of commission.

My husband is home today, caring for the kids and me. I am so glad he is able and willing to put our family first. By being home he is saving me from days or even weeks of being sick. Besides his tender care, my favorite healing strategies: tea, movies, knitting (super-secret Christmas stuff). I got The 40 Year Old Virgin for this evening and I only h0pe Ralph is willing to snuggle with me and watch it (he doesn’t sit still for movies very well).

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