Sophie’s current favorite book is Inside The Body – a lift-the-flap, very informative (and to my mind, slightly creepy) book showing off the various systems of the body in gruesome detail with extremely cleverly-engineered flaps. Sophie’s interest in this book excites me because I studied anatomy in school and at one point could name the 29 bones of the skull and that was a fun thing (yes, I was a Knowledge Bowl participant in school, you smarmy asshole).

Today as she and I sat in my bed and passed through each page she was speaking with familiarity over all the body parts she’s becoming knowledgable of (she has recently passed ribs and collarbone and is now learning lungs, bladder, tendons, etc) and she slipped into a little monologue about herself.

Sophie (casually flipping aside the facial muscle layers to look inside the skull): “Remember last time when my brain hurt?”

Me [laughing]: “What are you talking about?”

Sophie: “Oh, I think it was a weeks [sic] ago.”

(she rearranges the flaps so the brain, instead of being safely tucked away in the braincase, hovers right alongside the forehead of the soulless, eyeless full-page zombie).


Me: “Put his brain back in his head, honey.”

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